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Premium In detail

The quality of coffee in your cup depends on the «details». Our work is to take into account each of them and offer the best coffee, which is in Ukraine for your budget.

We think about it every day and turn ideas into favorable terms of cooperation. This is why our B2B customers get more and smile more often.

Discounts to B2B customers up to 40%

free shipping

only freshly roasted coffee

the possibility of producing the product under your brand

Tasting set

Unique range


Choose your coffee from six Ukrainian blends of fresh roasted.

  • Valeo Rossi Classic
  • Valeo Rossi Crema
  • Valeo Rossi Espresso
  • Valeo Rossi Gold
  • Valeo Rossi Platinum
  • Valeo Rossi Italian Blend
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Valeo Rossi is a 100% Arabica for every taste and budget

  • Peru
  • Kenya AA
  • Brazil Mogiana NY2
  • India Plantation
  • Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Nicaragua Sultan
  • Honduras Marcala
  • Colombia Supremo
  • Mexico Marogogype
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango
  • Costa Rica Santa Elena Estate
  • Papua New Guinea Sigri A
  • El Salvador Finca Santa Matilde
  • Ethiopia Jimma
  • Honduras
  • Colombia Supremo Decaffeinato
  • Nicaragua
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Brasil Yellow Bourbon
  • Uganda Bugisu AA Plus
  • Exclusive Blend
  • Ethiopia Abyssinian Mocca
  • Yirgacheffe Kochere Ethiopia
  • Yirgacheffe Aricha Ethiopia
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We have a coffee for every taste

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wholesale for office

Coffee is the main energy drink in any office. Valeo Rossi works with hundreds of offices and knows what employees need.

Especially for companies, we have developed an assortment of: 6 blends, 15 monosorts of 100% arabica and 12 varieties of specialty coffee. Deliver coffee for free, serve your coffee machine, train staff in advanced coffee making techniques and teaches the rules of coffee equipment maintenance free of charge. This will avoid up to 90% of the most frequent breakdowns.

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wholesale for restaurants

The presence of experienced barista makes cooperation with Valeo Rossi especially attractive for cafes and restaurants.

Each establishment is assigned an experienced specialist in the preparation and sale of coffee in catering chains.

Once a month, it happens to every client and monitors compliance with quality standards, helps employees of partner companies to develop and make their brand more successful.

In addition, our partners are trained in “VMESTE. Skills up School. As part of this service, the brand barista holds workshops and other professional events.

Delivery of our coffee and maintenance of your coffee machines is also free.

At the same time, we pay special attention to the uninterrupted supply of freshly roasted coffee.

Additional benefits

Free service



Scheme work

Application or call

Tasting set

The selection of suitable product


The receipt of goods

Application or call

Tasting set

The selection of suitable product


The receipt of goods

Roasting under your TM Privat label



Purchase green beans

Modern production

Uninterrupted supply

Creating Private Label is an individual approach to everyone and the ability to surprise their customers with a unique taste and aromatic coffee.

Valeo Rossi LLC is a producer of coffee and tea since 2010

Since 2016, members of SCA International Coffee Association.

Our company was awarded the "Company of the Year 2018" award, which confirms our business achievements, leadership and leadership in the "Coffee and Tea Production" industry.

We buy the high-quality coffee green beans, choose the type of packaging you need, develop an individual design. Valeo Rossi attend the project at all stages. The composition of the blend is not disclosed to third parties, so we guarantee that your favorite taste of coffee will only be in your assortment!